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Sibelga, Belgian distribution network operator for electricity and natural gas, relies on the Sweepatic platform as a monitoring solution for its online attack surface. The team uses the intuitive dashboard for regular reporting and benefits from the completeness and daily refresh rate of the solution.

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Public services

Nationale Loterij-Loterie Nationale uses the Sweepatic Platform as an automatic, time-saving solution to map its internet-facing assets. The continuous monitoring of its attack surface ensures it is immediately notified of any new issues that arise.

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Information technology and services

Sweepatic helps to monitor Cegeka Group’s dynamic and expanding external perimeter and to keep it under control at all times. This is crucial in their mergers and acquisitions strategy. Combining the Sweepatic EASM Platform with other scanning tools – like penetration tests – provides the threat hunters at Cegeka Group with a complementary and much more complete picture of their attack surface.

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Public services

Sweepatic provides RDW with automated and continuous security insights. Using the encryption and asset reputation checks, the monitoring of look-a-like domains and the tracking of issues and attack surface changes, RDW is purifying their attack surface to make it as cyber resilient as possible.

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Lineas augments its attack surface reduction initiatives by integrating Sweepatic Platform alerts in its existing approach. The Sweepatic Platform’s CVE detection helps Lineas to remediate proactively, without needing to first upload its assets in a vulnerability scanner.

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Reynaers Aluminium leverages the Sweepatic Platform to efficiently follow up on the status and evolution of their internet-facing assets. The automated sweeping of the attack surface by the Platform ensures they have a continuous view on their online presence. The Platform’s tagging system allows them to assign business owners and include comments for specific assets or issues.

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Konings is a Belgian beverage manufacturer. The Sweepatic Platform enables the company to look at their attack surface from the outside and represents this view in an intuitive dashboard. As a result, the Konings security team can easily find and remediate vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

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For Ziekenhuis Netwerk Antwerpen, one of Belgium’s largest hospital networks exposed to intensified digital transformation and distributed IT, the Sweepatic Platform provides continuous detection and mitigation of possible weaknesses in its digital footprint.

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Aviapartner is one of the leading independent providers of ground handling services across 37 airports in 6 European countries. The security team considers the mapping, analyzing and monitoring of assets – known and unknown – as a great added value of the Sweepatic Platform. The automated asset discovery and inventory keeps Aviapartner up to date at all times.

Tech and media

The Sweepatic Platform augments Ekinops when assets in the attack surface need further analyzing, fixing or cleaning up. Ekinops leverages the cybersquatting module to keep an eye on copycat domains containing MX records. Any attack surface changes and vulnerabilities are automatically notified to keep Ekinops’ team up to date.


Given its 24/7 monitoring capability, the Sweepatic Platform serves as an extra pair of eyes on the International Crisis Group’s attack surface. It sends automatic notifications to proactively fix weaker assets based on the analysis and insights provided.


Research Services

Flanders Make is the strategic research center for the Flemish manufacturing industry, supporting companies to increase their international competitive strength. To safeguard their research services and to prevent taking unnecessary cybersecurity risks, Flanders Make monitors their external attack surface in the Sweepatic EASM Platform.

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