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Mergers & Acquisitions

With the Sweepatic Platform, you not only get automatic visibility on your organization’s own attack surface, but also that of (to be) acquired companies. Without any form of installation, relying on OSINT and public accessible information, the Sweepatic Platform provides you with an instant overview of possible vulnerable points, misconfigurations, the overall attack surface score, and much more.

Discovery & Mapping

Automatically and continuously discovering, mapping, and monitoring all internet-facing assets associated to the company, allows you to keep an eye on the changing and expanding attack surface at all times. You can then evaluate weak points and remediate them.

Central Internet-facing Assets Inventory

An intelligent list of all primary domains, subdomains, websites, SSL certificates, hosts, technologies and other IT assets is always accessible in the automatically updated and centralized asset inventories in the Sweepatic Platform. The subscope functionality allows you to filter the data based on specific subsidiaries.

Attack Surface Score

The Asset and Attack Surface Scoring in the platform indicate the state of the cybersecurity posture of the company. This can help in evaluating before a merger or acquisition.


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