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Shadow IT

Due to digital transformation, the attack surface of organizations grows steadily. The number of internet-facing assets, like websites, subdomains, hosts, technologies and cloud resources, increases at a rapid pace. The same goes for Shadow IT – IT assets that escape the knowledge or attention of the central IT department.

According to Gartner, it comprises 30-40 percent of IT spending. Shadow IT consumes budget unnecessarily and increases security risks, that might not be tracked nor managed.

Visibility & Attack Surface Reduction

With the continuous internet-facing assets discovery, the Sweepatic Platform can help find this Shadow IT, making you aware of unknown and/or unmanaged assets and taking actions accordingly. Attack surface management fuels the reduction of Shadow IT assets.

The Sweepatic Platform notifications will keep you up to date with new assets popping up in your attack surface. That way, you are always informed when a possible Shadow IT asset was about to be created.


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