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Brand Protection

The Sweepatic Platform uses various techniques to monitor the state of your organization’s brand(s). With our automated cybersquatting or look-a-like domain detection and suspiciousness indicators, you have access to an early-warning system that can fuel your actions before a bad actor takes advantage.

Cybersquatting domains

Monitor possible phishing domains using the Domain Discovery feature in the Sweepatic Platform.

The goal of bad actors registering copycat domains is to either cause brand reputation damage or collect sensitive information through a phishing campaign from unaware visitors.

Cybersquatting domain candidates are automatically discovered and rated on suspiciousness based on various techniques, like TLD Swap, NS Match, and Website Links.

Parked domains

A specific example of a method used to find cybersquatting domains is parked domains. A parked domain indicates that a domain candidate is available for purchase from a registrar. These parked candidate domains are important to keep an eye on, since they can be acquired and misused by a bad actor. You can either proactively purchase the domain yourself or monitor it further (for example to see who buys it) via the Sweepatic Platform.

Brand Protection Keywords

Using the Brand Protection feature, you can add keywords – like brand, product or company names – to your scope. These keywords boost the Platform to discover more domains, subdomains, and similar websites that either belong to your company or can pose a domainsquatting threat.

Domain findings based on these keywords are reported in the Domain Discovery section and are rated on likelihood of ownership by your organization and on degree of suspiciousness.


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