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Attack Surface Scoring & Reporting

How would your organization’s cybersecurity posture rate from A to F? And how can this score help your company improve it’s external security posture? How can it be used in reporting to peers and management?

Attack Surface Scoring

The Sweepatic Platform rates the attack surface across the entire scope, on asset level and on observations (attack surface issues).

Six cybersecurity dimensions are taken into account, namely vulnerabilities, configuration, exposed services, encryption, reputation, and hygiene. Attack surface scoring helps organizations report to peers, by indicating how well the attack surface is managed at a certain point in time and how it improves going forward.

Reporting & Subscopes

For big organizations, it might be interesting to logically divide the external attack surface into subscopes. These subscopes can be based on subsidiaries, brands, locations, logical business lines, etc. and are an easy way to group, structure, and filter the attack surface.

Furthermore, the Sweepatic Platform Dashboard provides a visual overview of your attack surface and serves as an efficient reporting tool. All sections in the platform offer exports and a report can be generated to summarize the current attack surface posture. Additionally, the platform offers a fully-documented API and integrations.


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