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Reynaers Aluminium leverages EASM in their cybersecurity practices

About Reynaers Aluminium

Reynaers Aluminium is a leading specialist in the development and marketing of innovative, sustainable aluminum solutions for windows, doors and façades. The manufacturer also has the sector’s largest private innovation and testing centre: The Reynaers Institute where research, product development and testing are conducted. Reynaers Aluminium is the market leader in Belgium and has acquired a strong market position in the 30 countries where it has its own sites.

Reynaers Aluminium leverages Sweepatic for their EASM

EASM as a supplement to traditional practices

To complement their more traditional cybersecurity practices – like vulnerability scanning tools and penetration tests – Reynaers Aluminium was looking for a tool to have a 24/7 eye watching and analyzing their internet-facing assets, and chose the Sweepatic Platform. This allows to keep their external attack surface clean and tidy.

Ben Van den Bergh (ICT Infrastructure Security & System Engineer at Reynaers Aluminium): “We believe that – next to security tools and processes – a good housekeeping of the IT landscape is an important foundation to improve our security stance. In that way, old and forgotten assets and Shadow IT are still noticed and watched.”

More specifically, the Sweepatic Platform maps, analyzes and continuously monitors Reynaers Aluminium’s IT environment to help efficiently follow up on the status and evolution of their online exposure. The platform pinpoints attack surface reduction candidates that no longer have a business justification to stay online. These can be cleaned up to minimize the external attack surface and make it less attractive for cybercriminals.

Internet-facing assets tagging

Thanks to Reynaers Aluminium, the tagging and annotations system in the Sweepatic Platform was greatly improved. It allows the security team to assign team members to specific issues and include comments for individual assets or problems. Also, the data can be exported and sent to specific business owners.

Ben Van den Bergh: “We use tags to follow up – per business unit – which new attack surface observations are being treated and which aren’t yet. It is one of the most important features for us.”

Other valuable platform features include the exports, the mapping of software versions to Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures or CVEs and the continuous improvement – namely new security checks that are regularly released in the product.

Tags in the Sweepatic Platform

Why Reynaers Aluminium selected Sweepatic

Reynaers Aluminium chose the Sweepatic Platform as their EASM solution, because it is a pragmatic and efficient tool.

Ben Van den Bergh: “Sweepatic is a smaller, emerging player in the cybersecurity market. The company listens to the customer and welcomes all suggestions and ideas, more so than bigger players do. As a customer, you feel your voice counts and has an impact on the product roadmap.”

The team at Reynaers Aluminium likes Sweepatic’s support, defining it as quick and of great quality.


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