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Partnership opportunities with Sweepatic

Bring leading external attack surface management to your clients.

Sweepatic works together with sales partners, consulting partners and managed services partners to strengthen your offering and grow your business.

Learn about the benefits below and contact us to discuss a partnership.

Sales partner

Strengthening the capabilities of your clients

Sweepatic allows partners to complement their portfolio with a leading attack surface management platform product and offer even more value to their clients.

Consulting partner

Boosting the advice to your clients

Sweepatic supports partners providing consulting services to deliver more value to their clients in the project-based engagements with insights and actionable observations about their clients attack surface.

Managed Services partner

Ensuring continuous monitoring of your clients

Managed Security Services Providers can integrate with the Sweepatic Platform to boost their operational services model and enhance their capabilities with attack surface data and intelligence of their clients.

Why partner with Sweepatic

Grow your business

Tap into new revenue opportunities by leveraging Sweepatic’s top-notch attack surface management platform.

Increase customer satisfaction

Add to your proactivity towards clients by getting privileged access to state-of-the-art insights about their attack surface.

Strengthen your offering

Set yourself apart by completing your offering with Sweepatic attack surface management solution.

Why partner with Sweepatic


Sweepatic allows to strengthen your business with attractive revenue and margin opportunities.


Sweepatic sets you apart with its unique and leading attack surface management solution.

Training & Support

Sweepatic helps you be successful through adequate training and assistance, and by providing effective technical and commercial support.


Sweepatic is easy to do business with and our platform is operational extremely quickly, with a fast impact.

Sweepatic partners

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