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Vulnerabilities & Misconfigurations Assessment

All the internet-facing assets discovered in the Sweepatic Platform are analyzed for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Notifications will alert you of any issues that you (urgently) need to review. This allows organizations to manage their attack surface accordingly and start the remediation process.

Analysis of the Attack Surface: Some Examples

Light vulnerability assessment: The technologies used by your internet-facing assets are checked for known vulnerabilities and prioritized according to -among others- their CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System) score.
Exposed services: Do you have any open ports exposed that should not be directly discoverable by outsiders?
Encryption certificate monitoring: The Platform checks all web applications for SSL certificates, their validity and expiration date, and much more.
Cookie consent violations: Is your cookie consent mechanism rightly configured on your websites?
Reputation checks: Do your mail servers appear on blocklists?

All observations produced by the Sweepatic Platform are ranked by criticality. This generates a specific urgency against a list of prioritized actions to consider in your attack surface. Detected vulnerabilities and misconfigurations are also reflected in the attack surface score.


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Cookie Violation Detection. Prevent a fine and address violations of the EU GDPR regulation.

Discover and assess rogue technologies across your attack surface.

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