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Expired security certificate? Not with Sweepatic!

With the Sweepatic Platform, your encryption and certificate chains are monitored continuously. The Platform will warn you of websites and online portals without a valid SSL certificate, certificates that are (about to be) expired, weak or deprecated TLS protocols.

SSL Certificates’ Validity & Expiration

Proper encryption prevents data leakage and man-in-the-middle attacks. Are your websites secure?

The Certificates module in the Sweepatic Platform keeps a close eye on all your websites and their SSL certificates, including their expiry dates, the certificate chainTLS protocols and issuers. In that way, you can continuously monitor against your encryption standard and be alerted when there is any violation.

Encryption in Scoring

Encryption is also one of the six cybersecurity dimensions consulted to score the attack surface. This means that valid SSL certificates contribute to a better score overall on your attack surface and thus a better cybersecurity posture.


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