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Threat Intelligence

Any organization with an online presence has sensitive data, valuable to bad actors. When financial information, personal identifiable information (PII), confidential company data, industrial IP, etc. falls into the wrong hands, it can have enormous consequences for the company, from business impact, reputational damage to fines and compliance penalties. 

Therefore, it is key to stay alert to this threat and continuously monitor and follow up on targeted, actionable threat intelligence data. Automating this cybersecurity resource saves time and gives your organization a proactive advantage against attacks. 

Track leaked and stolen credentials

The threat intelligence  feature in the Sweepatic EASM Platform will help you find out if users of any of your domains have had their credentials leaked. Meaning, are there any passwords matched with user email addresses or user names found online? 

If this is the case, the recommended action is to alert the user to update their password, including other platforms where this username and password is used, and/or block their access. Leaked credentials represent a high risk and have a high priority to solve!


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