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Konings uses EASM for automatic external attack surface sweeping

About Konings

Konings is a beverage manufacturer, focused on producing and co-packing juices, ciders, soft drinks, beers, wines, and distilled products for brands and premium private labels. The company takes care of their clients’ drinks at any stage, including the development of recipes and concepts, fruit pressing, blending, processing, fermentation and packaging. Konings has their headquarters in Belgium and is also located in France, the UK, and the Netherlands.

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EASM as a perfect fit in the cybersecurity tool stack

Konings already invested heavily in cybersecurity over the last years. They have an endpoint security solution in place, organize their own user awareness campaigns, execute internal and external security audits and underwent a CIS assessment. Konings also leverages AI in their existing security tools stack. The only thing that was missing, was a solution looking at their attack surface from the outside in. And that is where Sweepatic came in the picture.

Joris Claes, Group ICT Manager at Konings: “The Sweepatic Platform enables us to look at our attack surface from the outside, like a bad actor would do, and represents this view in an intuitive dashboard. As a result, we can easily find and remediate vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.”

Eyes on the outside and issue remediation

The Sweepatic Platform helps Konings to get a clear overview of all the networks of their factories that are publicly available from the outside.

Niek Houben, Systems & Networking Engineer at Konings: “By entering all our external IP addresses and (primary) domain names in the platform, we now get a clear picture of what is open and exposed to the internet. This already helped us take proactive steps and solve problems.”

The automated and continuous discovery, analysis and monitoring and the ease of use, are the most important factors for using the Sweepatic Platform according to Konings.

Niek Houben: “Our favorite feature of the Sweepatic Platform is the automated scanning of our systems that are open towards the internet. This external attack surface data is clearly depicted in the platform. Additionally, the solution is very clearly organized and easy to use.”

On top of that, Konings receives alerts when new possible dangers, issues and misconfigurations arise. This notification system saves their security team time and makes it easier to follow up.

Niek Houben: “We use platform tags to indicate which issues need to be looked at and which ones are remediated. This efficient workflow facilitates the teamwork and follow-up in our security operations.”

The many integrations that are available in the Sweepatic Platform also proof valuable to Konings, as they will start automatically creating tickets directly from the Sweepatic Platform in their existing IT ticketing system.

Konings Drinks reference Sweepatic


Why Konings selected Sweepatic

Following the product demo and proof of value, it became clear to Konings that the Sweepatic Platform is an absolute added value for their cybersecurity at an affordable price. The services of Sweepatic are also greatly appreciated.

Joris Claes: “The Sweepatic services and support are of a very high standard. We got a clear explanation of how the platform works and receive quick answers whenever we pose a question.”

Curious to see what the Sweepatic External Attack Surface Management (EASM) Platform can do for your organization? Reach out to request your personalized demo: https://www.sweepatic.com/demo/.

You can read more about External Attack Surface Management in our blogpost: https://blog.sweepatic.com/what-is-attack-surface-management/