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Cybersecurity in the Public Sector: the Belgian National Lottery story

The Belgian National Lottery leverages the Sweepatic Platform to continuously discover and monitor their external attack surface.
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Cybersecurity is key in all industries, including the Public Sector. One could argue that for government organizations it is even more crucial to maintain a healthy cyber hygiene, given the fact that they manage incredibly sensitive personal information. The National Lottery of Belgium is no exception. They maintain a very high cybersecurity standard to which the Sweepatic Attack Surface Management (ASM) Platform contributes.

Why the National Lottery implemented attack surface management in their organization

The National Lottery organizes public lotteries, bets, contests and gambling for more than six million players in Belgium. They operate in a socially responsible, reliable and safe manner. The profits of these activities are returned to society through subsidies and sponsoring.

To achieve their goal of giving back to the community, IT is very important at the National Lottery. With 1.4 million registered players on their e-commerce platform and therefore a lot of transactions, the National Lottery needs to offer a safe player experience where security is key. Especially since they process personal data on those digital platforms.

Continuous monitoring with the Sweepatic Attack Surface Management Platform

The National Lottery was looking for an automatically updated inventory of all their internet-facing assets, including possibly suspicious cybersquatting domains mimicking their brand.

Laurent Joppart, CISO at the National Lottery explains:

"Thanks to Sweepatic with it's user-friendly interface, it is easy to have visibility on all our systems, which their platform continuously monitors."

Proactive attack surface reduction and staying a step ahead of cybercriminals are important objectives for the cybersecurity organization of the National Lottery. In this sense, keeping track of the external attack surface 24/7 is key.

Laurent Joppart: "Most of the time classic methodologies, like an ad hoc pentest or vulnerability scans, are just spot-checks. With Sweepatic we have continuous scanning enabled on our attack surface and constant access to that information and data."

The National Lottery leverages the Sweepatic Platform as an automatic and time-saving solution to map their internet-facing assets. They find the Tracker feature – listing all findings of the Sweepatic Platform like misconfigurations and vulnerabilities – easy-to-use and incorporated filtering, classifying and dismissing findings in their workflow.

Laurent Joppart: "We have a lot of favourite features, including the comprehensive dashboard and the easy-to-use Tracker list. Also, the geolocation map gives us an overview of the extensive network of assets and technologies and where the data is processed in the world."

To conclude, the National Lottery comments on the customer support of Sweepatic.

Laurent Joppart: "We have a very good experience with Sweepatic's services. They regularly release new features, they keep us informed and they are open to any questions. Sweepatic takes into account our expectations and needs in their product roadmap and releases."

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