Cybersecurity – preventive IT security approach with External Attack Surface Management (EASM)

Test 30 days stress-free and without limitation of functions – without obligation and free of charge!

You may have heard of penetration or vulnerability tests as a measure to detect vulnerabilities in IT. However, it is often already too late by the time these procedures are used. Because the “enemy” may already have entered in your systems.

It is especially against attacks by hackers and saboteurs via the Internet that you should protect yourself.

But how do you quickly locate the vulnerable points?

We offer you the opportunity to test our External Attack Surface Management platform for this purpose, with all functions and without restrictions. This way you can form an objective opinion and experience the advantages of such a security tool as a component for your cyber security concept in live operation.

Test procedure for the Sweepatic External Attack Surface Management

In order to receive an activation for a test, please fill out the contact form and send us the information by pressing the send button. You will then receive all further information and detailed instructions for your personal access to the Sweepatic EASM platform from our customer service team. Should you have any further questions afterwards, you can of course contact your personal contact person.

The test phase ends automatically after 30 days.


EASM-Plattform 30 Tage testen





Bild von Stijn Vande Casteele, Founder & CEO bei Sweepatic

“To give you a real insight into your current situation, we offer you the opportunity to test our External Attack Surface Management solution with all features and without any restrictions. It is not a limited or modified test environment. You get full access and work with your real data. Of course, you can of course retain the information you have already collected if you decide to continue using the Sweeapatic Platform.”

– Stijn Vande Casteele, Founder & CEO

Test EASM objectively and without obligation

  • Free trial for 30 days
  • Full access to all functions
  • Access to real EASM platform, without restriction
  • Test ends automatically
  • Already collected information can be adopted after the test


All IT environments in view around the clock

With the intelligent “search engine” developed by our security experts, system managers, administrators, IT security teams and consultants are able to analyse and record all publicly accessible vulnerabilities in detail. Already after a few hours you will discover potential risks for your company that enable third parties to threaten your existence via the Internet. Uncover issues and shut them down before cybercriminals find and exploit them. Don’t leave any gateways open for hackers that could potentially lead to vulnerable systems. Protect your IT environments with advanced External Attack Surface Management (EASM). It provides an up-to-date picture of potential attack paths with all the necessary technical details around the clock. This enables those responsible to take proactive action.


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