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Sweepatic EASM Platform offers ServiceNow integration

A new addition in the Sweepatic integrations stack: ServiceNow. Create incidents directly from the EASM platform!
ServiceNow integration in the sweepatic Platform

ServiceNow is the newest integration available in the Sweepatic Platform. Create incidents directly from the EASM solution!

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How does it work

You can add the ServiceNow ITSM integration in our notifications module, using your organization’s ServiceNow instances and a newly created API user (tick off ‘Web service access only’ when creating this user in your ServiceNow dashboard). Then you can create incidents directly in the Tracker for the issues and minsconfigurations you choose to monitor in your ServiceNow dashboard and workflow.


Many companies use ServiceNow ITSM in their cybersecurity workflow. The integration with the Sweepatic Platform allows users to ingest discovered issues and misconfigurations directly in their existing tool stack.

Stay tuned for more integrations!

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More information on ServiceNow ITSM.

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