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Sweepatic EASM Platform offers AWS and Azure integration

Cloud integrations in the Sweepatic EASM Platform boost your external attack surface discovery, analysis and monitoring. Connect your AWS and Microsoft Azure instances!
Cloud integrations in the Sweepatic Platform

Following the ticketing system (Atlassian JiraServiceNow ITSM), orchestration platform (Palo Alto Cortex XSOAR), and CAASM (Axonius) integrations available in the Sweepatic EASM Platformcloud integrations can now be set up to boost your external attack surface discovery.

Check out the complete list of integrations on our website!

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure integration

The first step in External Attack Surface Management, is inta

The cloud integrations integrate an Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure cloud instance with the Sweepatic Platform. The domains list that is stored in AWS or Azure can now be used as additional input to fuel the Sweepatic discovery modules. Sweepatic will include every update whenever your AWS or Azure domains list updates.

With this integration, Sweepatic is supporting customers in centralizing all their external and internet-facing assets. Having cloud assets popping up with little or no good practices implemented increases the need to bring them into the Sweepatic EASM platform.

In the future, this functionality will be expanded. It is important to know that the Sweepatic Platform will be using very restrictive, read-only permissions.

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