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Subsidiary based Attack Surface Management: How to divide and organize your external attack surface

The Sweepatic Platform allows customers to divide the scope of their external attack surface into several subscopes. Subscopes are an easy way of subdividing the attack surface based on subsidiaries, brand, location, logical business lines, etc.
External Attack Surface Management

Sweepatic helps organizations to discover and assess all their known and unknown internet-facing assets and to priorize and remediate issues making the organization more cyber resilient. This emerging cybersecurity solution space is called External Attack Surface Management which is described by Gartner and other industry analysts.

Driven by the speed of cloud adoption and digital transformation, organizations find it increasingly difficult to keep track of and secure all their internet-facing IT assets. Afterall, if you don’t know what you have, how can you defend it? Read more about the challenges for organizations here.

As part of our continuous improvement process, our customers can now divide their external attack surface in several subscopes. These subscopes can be based on subsidiaries, brands, locations, logical business lines, etc. and are an easy way to group, structure and filter the attack surface.

How is subsidiary based monitoring used?

Imagine an organization with many subdivisions, brands and products, each with their own responsibilities.

By creating subscopes in the Sweepatic Attack Surface Management Platform, you can make a logical selection of primary domains and/or IP ranges per subsidiary and allocate them to a subscope.

In that way, different teams can choose in navigating the attack surface scope of the entire organization, or filter and investigate parts of the attack surfaces via subscopes. This allows a more granular approach to subsidiary based reporting and benchmarking.

Contact Sweepatic to discover unknown and unmanaged IT assets in your attack surface

Our customers use the Sweepatic Platform to continuously discover and analyze known and unknown IT assets. Additionally they leverage the Platform to follow up on a prioritized list of security issues discovered, start the remediation process and thus become more cyber resilient as an organization .

On top of our powerful discovery engine, we automatically inspect and report on security issues like vulnerabilities, misconfigurations in Email/DNS/Web, expired and weak SSL certificates, exposed databases and file shares and much more.

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