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    • insights to improve your posture
    • your internet-connected assets
    • the location of your hosts
    • open ports and vulnerable assets
    • a list of your cloud providers
    • forgotten and unsecure web applications
    • and much more …

    “The issue I encountered was a lack of visibility. From a security point of view, not knowing what you have somewhere on the internet and what its status is – both from a technical and regulatory point of view – is like a blind man driving towards a big wall.”

    – Peter Van Lierde, CISO at Sibelga

    “Most of the time classic methodologies, like an ad hoc pentest or vulnerability scans, are just spot-checks. With Sweepatic we have continuous scanning enabled on our external attack surface and constant access to that information and data in a user-friendly interface.”

    – Laurent Joppart, CISO at Nationale Loterij

    European leader in External Attack Surface Management