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Meet our new Sweepatic team members!

Our Sweepatic Platform is evolving and improving every day and we couldn’t do it without our great team!

Our Sweepatic Platform is evolving and improving every day and we couldn’t do it without our great team! Diversity is all around at Sweepatic: we count 5 nationalities and speak 10 languages! In this post, we would like to introduce Elnur and Adrian, our latest talents to join the company.
What are their experiences, interests and background? Find out below!

Elnur Abdullayev

First, let us introduce Elnur. This Software Engineer joined Sweepatic in March this year. He has worked as an AI developer and has a data science background. Elnur also has a past career in engineering in the petroleum and geoscience sector.

At Sweepatic, every day is a new challenge, but with such an amazing team - bringing its diverse expertise to the table - those challenges just keep drifting away in the rear-view mirror. I am happy to be on board!

Elnur first got intrigued with cybersecurity reading ‘Xakep’ magazine, as a teenager in Russia. The magazine introduced him to the hacking culture. He is a real team player and enthusiastic to take the Sweepatic Platform to the next level!

Adrian Alberdi

Right in the middle of the COVID19-quarantine, Adrian became our newest Cybersecurity Engineer. He studied in Madrid and is currently finishing his Master in Cybersecurity online, via the open University of Catalonia. Adrian has experience as a systems engineer, designing train braking systems and working on cybersecurity projects.

Adrian is a traveler! He went on Erasmus in Australia and Norway, hitchhiked across Europe twice (literally) and spent 4 months in Germany.

It’s in Australia and Norway that Adrian discovered his interest in cybersecurity. After finishing his bachelor studies, he combined his job as a system engineer with studying cybersecurity to pursue this passion.

I joined Sweepatic because of two reasons. One, Sweepatic has an innovative product that few other companies provide. Two, I liked the idea of returning to a smaller team: connected and working together.

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