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Sweepatic is proud to present the New Sweepatic Platform. Enroll and fix issue today!

Good news! We’ve been working our butts off to launch the new Sweepatic Platform. Our automated and cloud based platform is ready to provide you with even more visibility. It’s now even more easy to understand your organization’s attack surface. Interested?
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What the Sweepatic Platform can do for you

We know it’s hard and time-consuming for organizations to have a clear and centralized view across their online footprint i.e. attack surface. The increasing trend towards cloud adoption, the shortage of cybersecurity skills, the lack of visibility around old and newly introduced internet-facing assets increase the need for an automated solution. After all, you can’t protect, what you don’t know.

  • Do you and your peers track new internet enabled websites or remove old ones when no longer required?
  • Where are SSL/TLS certificates in place (and where not) and when do they expire?
  • Are your published files clean and not leaking sensitive metadata?
  • Do you have a view on outdated versions of 3rd party technologies?
  • And much more…

With the Sweepatic platform, you can rely on an automated and continuously improving cloud platform, built around the latest reconnaissance techniques and bringing you quick insights. Enroll now and start to remediate issues today!

Features of the Sweepatic Platform Fix broken websites and misconfigurations

The Sweepatic platform and its dashboard provide data on your internet-facing assets in clearly defined information elements. In the websites summary (as shown below): charts visualize errors and availability problems with all your internet facing websites, SSL/TLS certification issues and their expiration. Act now and apply a better hygiene around your websites today!

Track DNS records changes and misconfigurations

Get a clear and central view on public DNS entries of all your internet facing assets. Be informed on changes and when new DNS records are introduced. Quickly pick up outliers resulting in a policy violation.

Control non-standard ports and close them

Know which open ports are exposed from the outside and discover them in an active sweep. The Sweepatic platform actively monitors open remote desktop (RDP), VNC systems, open SSH ports, exposed service desk applications and much more.

Understand your 3rd party technology risk profile

Review 3rd party technologies within your attack surface and filter on those assets with one click. The 3rd party technologies (frameworks, plugins, cloud resources) you rely upon are used to build your brand presence and are a part of your attack surface. Don’t operate blindly but be informed and fix old, outdated technologies today so your security risk exposure drops significantly.

Isolate outliers and cloud providers you were not aware of

What does your organization’s footprint look like from the outside? Discover and analyze with the Sweepatic network graph all your online infrastructure and its interconnectivity with 3rd party cloud providers. Track outliers, observe strange 3rd party with a low reputation, zoom in on shady infra locations, consolidate low occurrence IP addresses, etc.

Zoom in on hosts in shady locations

Know where all your internet-facing assets are physically residing in the world. Hosts in your perimeter deployed in a country you have no ties with? Be informed and avoid a breach or a GDPR fine.

Actionable insights for attack surface management

Actionable insights are key for attack surface reduction planning. It is essential to control and lifecycle manage your attack surface. By reducing unnecessary assets and closing doors that should not be there, we make our customer more resilient and as unattractive as possible for bad actors.

We gave our advanced and automated platform a huge update including a simple web dashboard. We provide our users with actionable, easy to understand insights and help them to become more resilient.

Ready to kickstart your attack surface reduction program?

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