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Gartner recognizes Sweepatic on the 2021 Emerging Technologies Vendors List for External Attack Surface Management

According to Gartner, EASM will become part of a broader vulnerability and threat management push aimed at discovering and managing internal and external-facing assets and potential vulnerabilities.
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Sweepatic, an innovative European External Attack Surface Management platform, has been named by Gartner on its 2021 Emerging Vendors list in the external attack surface management (‘EASM’) security category. This annual list showcases rising technology vendors that are driving the future success of cyber innovation.

We are proud to be mentioned by Gartner as a vendor in this emerging EASM space, says Stijn Vande Casteele, founder & CEO.

According to Gartner, EASM will become part of a broader vulnerability and threat management push aimed at discovering and managing internal- and external-facing assets and potential vulnerabilities.

Organizations’ blind spots grow exponentially as network complexity rises while attackers are continuously scanning the internet for exposed assets to target. Sweepatic’s technology preempts potential breaches by mapping the internet for any exposed IT assets; cloud services, external-facing on-premises infrastructures, web assets and more.

EASM eco-system according to Gartner
EASM eco-system according to Gartner

Key findings of the report include:

  • External attack surface management (EASM) capabilities cross over into other existing security markets like digital risk protection services (DRPS).
  • EASM is an emerging concept that is growing quickly in terms of awareness within the security vendor community but at a slower pace within end-user organizations.
  • EASM can be a component of a broader enterprise vulnerability management strategy.

EASM solutions like Sweepatic are leveraged to discover both known and unknown external-facing assets and networks, identify infrastructure-based vulnerabilities, or complement existing capabilities such as vulnerability assessment and cloud security posture management to prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities.

Gartner reference: Emerging Technologies: Critical Insights for External Attack Surface Management, published 19 March 2021 – ID G00737807

About Sweepatic

Our customers leverage the Sweepatic Platform’s discovery capability to continuously find known and unknown IT assets. Additionally they use our platform to follow up on a prioritized list of security issues discovered.

On top of our powerful discovery engine, we automatically inspect and report on security issues like vulnerabilities, misconfigurations in email/DNS/Web, weak encryption, expired and weak SSL certificates, exposed databases and file shares, exposed administrative access and much more.

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