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Automated (Primary) Domain Discovery in the Sweepatic Platform

A brand new feature in the Sweepatic Attack Surface Management Platform: Automated Domain Discovery now augments the assets inventory!
Automated Domain Discovery

We are happy to announce a new feature in the Sweepatic Attack Surface Management Platform: Automated (Primary) Domain Discovery. By redesigning the way you can discover, analyze and triage domains that are most likely related to your organization or scope, Sweepatic now provides a brand new Domain Discovery feature to further boost your asset inventories.

The Automated Domain Discovery will help customers and partners to:

  • Discover domains they are likely to own
  • Discover domains that might be suspicious
  • Analyze & triage the discovered candidate domains

Why it’s important

To have a complete overview of your entire attack surface, it is important to include all your internet-facing assets in your attack surface management. But most companies are not aware of all their exposed assets, including Shadow IT.

The automated domain discovery can help solve that problem: it will complete the scope and thus your attack surface mapping and start monitoring unknown and unmanaged assets. Alternatively, it will discover assets that might be created with bad intentions to harm your company and/or brand. This will allow you to act quickly before these assets can be exploited.

Domain Discovery

Sweepatic’s discovery engine uses various methods to find domain candidates that might be related (or unrelated) to your scope in a good (or bad) way. To get the most value out of your attack surface management process, it is key to triage all (primary) domain candidates as either:

  • Dismiss: The (primary) domain is unrelated and can be forgotten.
  • Monitor: The (primary) domain is not an issue at this point, but might become so in the future. We want to be notified when relevant changes happen.
  • Add to Scope: The (primary) domain is owned by the organization and must be monitored as such.

How it works

The discovery engine takes the list of the already confirmed or added (primary) domains from which it will:

  • Discover new (primary) domains using various methods.
  • Qualify if the web content or used infrastructure is similar to any of the confirmed domains or other information provided.
  • Indicate the probability if the web content or used infrastructure is similar to any of the already confirmed domains or other information provided.
  • Offer relevant technical data to assist the Sweepatic Platform user in triaging the (primary) domains.

Next up

We will be releasing several updates in the coming months to further improve the new Domain Discovery feature!

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