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With great (cyber) technology comes great cooperation

Cyber Distribution partnered with Sweepatic to leverage External Attack Surface Management (EASM) as a managed service provider. Together, we address the market need for a reliable and intuitively operated first line of cyber defense even more effectively!

About Cyber Distribution

Cyber Distribution promotes IT network and security solutions to resellers and managed service providers in the United Kingdom. Their origin leads to Rob Leggett, who founded the company in 2018 with over 30+ years of experience in the IT industry. Over the years, the company grew to a dedicated team of passionate experts who aim to make a difference by delivering innovative and need-tailored IT solutions.

We aim to make a difference to our customers. We do this by offering products with a clear value proposition. They need to be innovative or disruptive, they need to address a need, and we need to be able to express the value proposition in simple terms.

— Rob Leggett, CEO & founder of Cyber Distribution

Comprehensive solutions with custom-made value propositions are the hallmark of the business trusted by many IT professionals. Hence, to support partners without the capability to offer managed services in-house, Cyber Distribution enabled a new possibility to build and leverage EASM as a managed service. And we are happy to be part of their solution by delivering the first line of cyber defense.

Left to right: Tom Leggett, Rob Leggett, Darran Clare

Importance of External Attack Surface Management

External Attack Surface Management — an attack surface mapping tool, is a crucial element in strengthening the overall cyber position of any organization. In the United Kingdom, EASM solutions support companies in following the Cyber Essentials framework: a government-backed scheme that helps protect organizations of various sizes against the most common cyber-attacks (according to the National Cyber Security Center). EASM gives companies more knowledge on their attack surface, security posture, situational awareness, and hints on prioritizing remediation action in the attack scope.

Why Sweepatic EASM?

Among many suppliers, the Sweepatic EASM solution caught the attention of the Cyber Distribution team because of both the added value of the platform itself and the far more customer-oriented approach. Darran Clare mentions the following aspects that convinced the company to partner with us:

(…) you (Sweepatic) were flexible; you took the time to understand our market opportunity and work with us to create something that allows us to take it to the market and try to build on that. We are looking forward to working further with you.

— Darran Clare, Business Development at Cyber Distribution

Mutual understanding and flexibility, followed by the high quality of the delivered service, characterize the business drivers behind our collaboration.

Cooperation - reinforcement in the UK market

Cooperation between two companies brings new possibilities. Rob Leggett, CEO & founder of Cyber Distribution, highlights the following aspects of added values resulting from a collaboration:

Sweepatic enables MSPs to discover the security consultancy services that their customers need to buy. MSPs using Sweepatic can approach their customers, prospects, and targets with a security score, a list of vulnerabilities, and a remediation plan. It is far more than a product which they sell for the margin associated with the sale.

— Rob Leggett, CEO & founder of Cyber Distribution

By combining expertise, resources, and cutting-edge technologies, we unlock unparalleled opportunities for businesses across the UK, regardless of the size or sector of the organization. Since one of the main focuses of Cyber Distribution is the educational market, soon you will be able to learn more about the first successful EASM story from the edu sector customer in the UK.

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